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Two fangirls strive to supply the world with crack fanfiction and some seriously insane crossovers.
Redshift Romance is the brainchild of Kasumi and Kagerou, two anime fangirls with a penchant for crazy antics and weird crossovers. You want some weird and obscure-ish Bleach crack yaoi? You can get it here. Absolutely no PWP, though. We like a little meat in our story. We like our men a bit manorexic, though.

The Crack!Lab was born through a late night's boredom, picking pairings out of a collapsible hatbox. We emptied the name of each major male Bleach character into the hatbox and drew out ten pairings. Then, when our Bleach crack drawing was done, we decided to move on to bigger and better things: crossovers with serious attitude. Ten crossover pairings were also drawn from a combination of Bleach, Dogs, Saiyuki, D. Gray-man, and Yami no Matsuei. We would tell you about them, but you must suffer from the suspense. Thus, the creation of the Crack-in-the-Box Sessions.

We will start with oneshots (think of them as warm-ups) and will likely move on to multi-chaptered fics for our more intense plotlines. The pairings that give us trouble may become drabbles depending on our creative abilities of the moment.

Please feel free to give any feedback but be warned that all comments are screened. Thanks and enjoy!

-Kagerou and Kasumi