Installment the First of the Who Fic: Set Fire to the Stars on Fire

Times have been productive. and we have now taken a bold step into writing for a new fandom.  Honestly, it's about time.  Credit for the title goes to the Blood Brothers from the song "Set Fire to the Face on Fire."

Title: Set Fire To The Stars On Fire, Chapter 1
Author: scarlet_city  / odtwistofevents 
Fandom: Doctor Who
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi
Rating: PG (language)
2,747 words.
Pairing: None as of this chapter.
Spoilers: Season 3, Episodes 8 & 9: "Human Nature" / "The Family of Blood"
Warnings: This fic will eventually contain torture, angst, slash, and possibly some horror elements.
Summary: The Eleventh Doctor feels someone walk over his grave and goes to UNIT, year 2063, to find out why. It has to do with a scarecrow who was once a man, who was once an alien--and a sinister presence that would like to play a game.

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Haine - Badou

A Star Trek universe slash story

It's probably pretty obvious that I love Star Trek.

It's also obvious that I love slash, and by the same token that I love these things so does odtwistofevents. A few days ago we were both horribly bored, and to alleviate it we managed to write a Trek-verse fiction with three new OCs. (No, stop! Don't run away!) We like designing characters, so we went with that. ^^; It started out as a game in which we each chose three topics. She chose Shakespeare, composing music, and reading glasses. I chose lightbulbs, space, and drunkenness. Some of them worked out better than others. ^^; But I will cut the crap and give you the details.

Title: Trouble Is
Pairing: OC Cassidy Perun/OC Grima Arason
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Slash
Rating: PG (alcohol, language)
Length: 2,109 words
Status: One-Shot (Complete)
Summary: On the USS Ishtar, Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Perun and Lieutenant Grima Arason engage in a friendly argument over drinks, and when their captain shows up, things take a turn for the theatrical.

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Finally...The Unveiling of the First Fic!

This fic was started sometime in September after sumerechnyi  and I decided that it would be the first written from the crack!-in-the-box pairings.  Most of it was written within the last week when were actually in the same city ^^  Note that this fic is mostly torture and violence with the porn thrown in as an afterthought at the end.  Enjoy at your own discretion.

Title: A-Walking The Devil Is Gone
Pairing: Shirosaki/Hirako
Genre: Angst, Horror, PWP
Rating: R (Explicit violence, semi-explicit sex, language.)
Length: 6,612 words
Status: One-Shot (Complete)
Summary: If I were to speak in vague devil cliches, I would say that the devil once spoken of appears, strikes a deal, and Hirako is forced to give him his due.  Set before Ichigo harnesses his Vizard powers, though the timing is slightly AU.
Also, we took the title from the poem "The Devil's Walk" by Robert Southey and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which you can read here.



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